VDNH hostel

Dear guests We welcome you in our cozy, comfortable and friendly hostel "Comfort Park-VDNH". Hostel "Comfort Park-VDNH" – a unique, cozy and very welcoming space in one of the best areas of Moscow VDNKH. The hostel "Comfort Park" at ENEA can be reached to metro station VDNH 8 minutes to the metro station Alekseevskaya in 15 minutes. To meet and see You will be our friendly receptionist, and a clock that shows only one time for only one place – here and now! Enjoy your time spent in the beautiful gold-domed capital of our beloved homeland – the city of Moscow! Your stay with us will be warm and cozy like in your own home!



We welcome You in the Hostel "Comfort Park-VDNH". We will make every effort to make Your stay with us comfortable and safe, and stay in the beautiful city of Moscow is vivid and memorable. This document sets out the Rules by which we live and all our guests. Please note that the Rules drawn up to ensure order and convenience of each guest individually, and all the guests together. We urge You to be sensitive and responsible to comply with these regulations. Their creation is dictated by concern for the comfort and safety of our guests and other tenants of the house. POLICIES 1. Check-in time after 14-00, check-out before 12-00. 2. We offer the possibility of early arrival (till 14: 00) and late departure (after 12.00 PM). If the rooms not, You can relax in our kitchen, or leave your bags in the Luggage storage and go for a walk around Moscow. 3. Extend the time of residence is also possible if the next day this place is not booked. 4. When you check in You have to pay for the stay. We accept cash rubles and Bank cards. Store please payment receipt before leaving the Hostel! 5. Bed linen and towels in our Hostel are free of charge. Don't forget to turn them in at check out! 6. In our Hostel the silence time from 23.00 to 7.00. 7. In our Hostel we have a strict "dry" law. 8. Smoking inside the hostel is strictly prohibited. 9. The property has the right to immediately evict guest for violation of laws of the Russian Federation and p. 7, p. 8, p. 9 of the rules of stay without refund of the amount paid for the accommodation. 10. For unattended personal valuables, the Administrator is not responsible. Please lock your valuables in the lockers or deposited with the administrator. 11. Can't eat or store food in the rooms. Our hostel has a kitchen with all necessary for cooking: kettle, fridge, microwave, pots, pans, plates, etc. After using the kitchen, please clean up after yourself! 12. If You messed up (smashed, broke, etc.) the kind of property you need to pay the full cost. 13. We try very hard to make the Hostel was always clean. Make sure that all our guests are also fond of cleanliness. Therefore Hostel can not be street shoes. If You have your own Slippers, the disposable can be purchased from the Administrator.
Check-in 2:00 PM
Check-out 12:00 PM
Booking cancellation To cancel your order for accommodation no later than specified in the tariff which was chosen at the time of booking. Cancellations made later than specified in the selected plan or change the departure date to an earlier date less than three days before the departure date will be charged a penalty cost of one night stay.

Terms & Conditions

- Booking of places by phone: Guest calls your name, surname and category of room. Provides a contact phone number for feedback. Specifies the date and time of arrival and estimated duration of arrival. - Booking a place email: the Application shall be in a free form. In the subject line should indicate 'booking Request'. In the application, the guest indicates Name, Surname of the registered person. Specifies the type of room, contact telephone number for feedback, date and time of arrival and the anticipated duration of the posting. - Reservation of seats using online reservation: In step mode, specifies the guest information in the proposed fields of the form. Chooses room category and indicates a contact person, anticipated date of arrival and departure. Specifies the contact information for feedback. Confirmed accommodation bookings.